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  • Water Heaters
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  • Backflow Preventers
  • High-Pressure Jetting
  • Underground Leak Detection

Plumbing Services

Toilet (K3723BI), Faucet (K942-4-CP), Sink (K2331-8-96)

Jim Dickerson Company provides all types of Residential and Commercial plumbing service and repairs including the following:

Water Heaters: If your water heater is over five or six years old, it is probably out of warranty. After ten years, it is on borrowed time. Many older water heaters are not energy efficient. Since water heating is the second largest energy user next to heating and cooling, an energy efficient model can save you money every month on your fuel bills. We install all sizes of residential and commercial, natural gas and electric water heaters.

Backflow Preventers: Many municipalities are requiring backflow preventers (backflows) to keep the water supply clean. We can install and service backflows. After a backflow has been installed, it must be inspected to make sure it is functioning properly and then it must be re-inspected annually. We are licensed to inspect and certify backflows.

Sewer Line Camera: Many times we need to know where a problem lies within a sewer or drain line. To save wasted labor, time, and disturbance to the above ground area we can send a special video camera down through the faulty line. This helps pinpoint the problem and its location, saving unnecessary digging and jack-hammering.

Jetting: Commercial properties tend to get buildup in the sewer lines due to the large volume of raw sewage. To help alleviate any problems with stoppages from blocked lines, we can use a high-pressure water-jetting machine to flush the system on a regular basis. This is especially beneficial for condominiums and apartment complexes to help keep the sewer lines clear.

Slab Leaks: A slab leak occurs when hot or cold water pipes beneath the home start leaking. The pipes can start leaking for many reasons - the pipes are old, the chemistry of the water supply, faulty installation, etc. When a slab leak occurs, we locate the leaking pipe using an electronic leak detector. Then access to the pipe is made through the floor to repair the pipe. When the repair is not feasible due to being located beneath a cabinet or tub, we can re-route the plumbing or re-pipe the house.